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yikes [Mon, Jan 31st, 2005

is anyone else getting the aches and pains in their hands after scooping ice cream with those spades all day long? i feel i'm suffering from early signs of carpal tunnel.

and damn, it sucks when you have to pull a gotta have it with cheesecake ice cream that's as hard as a rock. and also, i want my paycheck. ;)

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Love Cold Stone???

[Fri, Jan 28th, 2005

[ mood | ecstatic ]

HAPPY GRAND OPENING EVERYONE!!!!! Family and friends night was mad fun...

Love Ya , Jessi

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Hey you guys & dolls [Mon, Jan 24th, 2005

[ mood | hopeful ]

Well today my stomach was aching and i decided to create a community eventhough i am the least computer literate person i wanted to surprise you people with a little something!!! so please enjoy and remember Jessi loves you!!

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